Responsibility to local communities

Philanthropic activities and volunteering are core areas of our civic responsibility. We place a strong emphasis on supporting the communities in the places where we operate, as well as involving employees in helping non-profit organisations.

Help the Children and the Foundation for the Development of Civic Society

We are the main banking partner of the Help the Children charity collection of the Foundation for the Development of Civic Society. We provide the fundraiser with a free bank account 595959595/0600, a payment terminal, we provide free processing of cash collected during the Feather Week that precedes the Benefit Evening on Czech Television and we help in other activities during the year.


We are a long-standing partner of the Václav Havel Library, which disseminates the intellectual, literary and political legacy of Václav Havel and, in various ways, brings to the public the historical significance of the struggle for human rights and freedoms during the totalitarian era and the creation of civic society during the building of democracy.

Both headquarters have Václav Havel In-house Libraries where our employees can borrow some of his titles.



We are a proud partner of Post Bellum and the Memory of the Nation project. The project focuses on retrieving and recording the memories of witnesses of key moments in the 20th century.


We believe that strengthening professional journalism and independent media, as well as facilitating access to credible sources of information, contributes to the protection of democracy. That is why we support the weekly Reporter and the Foundation for the support and development of independent journalism.

We support their activities, which prove that people with physical disabilities can play active sports together with able-bodied people.

We are a general partner of the MONETA Czech Tour and our employees participate in the Handy Cycling Marathon and other events supporting the disabled under the MONETA team flag.


Our philanthropic activities

We also encourage our employees and clients to lend a helping hand to non-profit organizations

Grant programme

The purpose of our grant program is to help organizations focused on helping disadvantaged children and adults, the elderly, and supporting environmental protection, but also to engage our employees. They are the ones who suggest the organisations they want to support in the grant programme and become their ambassadors. Applications for the grant program are accepted from April 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024. The grants are funded by the MONETA Clementia Foundation.

How to submit a grant application


Every employee of MONETA can volunteer two days a year at a non-profit organisation to help disadvantaged children and adults, the elderly or contribute to environmental protection. In 2023, our employees were involved in 11 volunteer projects for 36 non-profit organisations and worked 4,560 volunteer hours as part of the WE COMMIT GOOD volunteer programme.


We provide decommissioned office computers, laptops, printers, cars and redundant office furniture free of charge to selected socially disadvantaged families, children, single parents or the elderly. The donations also partially cover the needs of non-profits, especially hospices, whose primary mission is outreach health and social services.

How to apply for support from MON HELP

Help with Smart Banka

In our mobile app, you can support non-profit organizations selected by our employees and clients in a vote. You can make a regular monthly donation to these organisations or choose a one-off donation directly in your Smart Banka mobile banking application.

Who can be supported in Smart Banka

MONETA donated CZK 32.4 million to philanthropic activities in 2023

Responsibility to employees

We believe in new opportunities, fair working and mutual dialogue with employees. Promoting diversity and inclusivity is one of our core values

Health and Safety

During the ongoing global pandemic COVID-19, the safety and health of employees was a top priority for the MONETA Group. The Bank’s management has always taken a proactive approach to preventive measures, many times going beyond the emergency and protective measures of the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Czech Republic.

Annual Report Safety and Health 2022 – in Czech only (PDF, 250 KB)
Archive of documents


At Moneta, we recognize that diversity and individuality contribute to our company culture, to an innovative work environment and to the overall growth of our company. Therefore, a committee has been established to advise the MONETA's Board of Directors on issues of diversity, inclusivity and gender equality. Its members make proposals that promote a diverse work environment and fair remuneration in our company.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The promotion of diversity and inclusivity is firmly anchored in our internal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy (PDF, 569 KB)


As the only Czech company, we have been included for the fourth time in the prestigious "Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI)".

In 2022, we achieved a score of 77.5%. The average Gender Pay Gap in our Group is only 0.88%. Our goal is to close this gap completely by 2026.

Gender Diversity KPIs and Annual Review 2022 (PDF, 0,11 MB)

We offer our employees a fair remuneration system that respects gender equality. In 2023, in response to the negative inflationary trend we gave 1,618 employees an average pay increase of 10.3%.

We support talented women in managerial roles as part of our unique programme focused on their development and career growth. In the third year, 106 talented women joined the program, adding to the 159 participants from the previous two years. All the graduates can meet TOP business experts to get a boost for their future career challenges.

Because we see diversity and inclusivity as one of the core issues in our approach to employees and clients, we have become a Gold Ambassador for the Diversity Charter. The promotion of diversity and inclusivity is now firmly anchored in our internal Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

Or the Employee Ombudsman ensures that the interests of our employees are protected when they suspect a breach of internal rules. The three ombudsmen are elected from among the employees.

Report of the Employee Ombudsman 2022 (PDF, 0,17 MB)

Archive of documents

Employees first

We are convinced that providing a suitable working environment and conditions for our employees is reflected in their subsequent business success, and therefore in the prosperity of the entire bank

MON Step

One of our most important projects in the field of inclusivity is the MON Step initiative. This project started in October 2021 and aims to increase the proportion of employees with disabilities from 1% at the end of 2021 to more than 3.5% by the end of 2025. In 2023, we employed 1.36% of our workforce in this way.


To get feedback from our colleagues, we use the anonymous MONQuest employee survey, which we conduct on a quarterly basis. We want to be transparent, so the company-wide results are not only available to members of the leadership and management teams, but also to all employees.

Supporting parents in returning to work

For employees returning from parental or maternity leave, we offer a financial allowance for children up to 3 years of age. The Prague headquarters also offers a multifunctional room for working parents.

Equality of rights for LGBTQ+ employees

Employees are also entitled to time off for entering into a registered partnership, caring for a same-sex partner or organising a funeral, which is not granted by Czech legislation.

Responsibility to clients

We care deeply about the satisfaction of all our clients, as we are well aware that they are the key pillar of our success. That's why we offer a wide portfolio of products and services that we tailor to local requirements and market needs. We receive input from our clients through an effective feedback system.

Experience of our clients

Our clients can contact us in person at any of our branches, via our contact centre, online chat, social media, internet banking or by e-mail. Since 2019, we have been using feedTrack, an application for the centralized collection of our client feedback that has won awards in the categories of "Best Customer Experience Measurement," "Understanding the Customer and Voice of the Customer," and "Best Customer Experience Strategy."

The Ombudsman team addresses complaints from clients who are not satisfied with the outcome of their complaints to the Claims and complaints department.

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We understand the sensitivity of the information we process about our clients and the importance of building a long-term relationship based on mutual trust. The security and proper handling of client data is therefore one of the Group's priorities. We only use true, correct and clear information in all our information and marketing materials and avoid providing any misleading information.

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We have been successful in expanding long-term support for the investment and operational needs of our SME clients, particularly in the area of lending to the agricultural sector. In order to support business development, we continue the partnerships we have entered into with portfolio guarantee institutions ("NRB" and "EIF"), which are aimed at improving access to finance for the investment and operational needs of entrepreneurs and SMEs.

MONETA Clementia Foundation

MONETA Clementia Foundation was established to help clients who have found themselves in a difficult life situation and are unable to meet their obligations to MONETA Group.